Ian Tibbles

Ian is Managing Director of PeopleMapping and also PACT Consultancy. He has over 22 years’ coaching and consultancy experience working particularly with Boards of Directors and Senior Managers of large organisations on the development and implementation of major change programmes and as expert advisor, mentor and personal coach.

Ian Tibbles continued

He has a wide range of management and consultancy experience including 10 years' general management experience in the NHS and for the last 22 years as a Director and Managing Director of a number of limited companies providing consultancy, assessment, development and training services as well as also developing and supplying a range of leading behavioural and personality surveys and personal and team development products.

He has been the UK agent for an international behavioural assessment tool, and for many years had a European development company, European Development Systems. Over the past few years Ian has refocused his efforts on the United Kingdom & Eire. He developed ACE in the mid 1990s whilst working with News Group.

Currently he is working on the development of a number of applications for ACE and is also launching a joint venture with a Dutch Company, Pi, which offers a range of psychometric assessment and development tools online which are being used in conjunction with ACE to assess individual potential in both recruitment and development.

Mary Jones

Director of Marketing and Customer Relations

Following a successful career in the NHS in which Mary rose to be a Board member of an NHS Acute Hospital Trust, she left the NHS to manage European Development Systems which marketed a range of behavioural assessment and development tools across Europe.

She then joined Pact Consultancy as Director of Operation. As part of this role she was involved in establishing a joint venture with PiCompany of Utrecht to market Time for Talent, an internet based range of personality and ability assessment instruments which are used in conjunction with People Mapping’s ACE instruments in a range of applications. Recently she moved to Results Through People as a founder member to develop its consultancy, coaching and assessment services.

Mary is a director and founder member of People Mapping and is leading the programme to develop its services to licensees.

Laura Steadman

Manager Internet Services

Laura has a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology. She has been closely involved in the development of the PeopleMapping website and the ACE Individual and Another Person Surveys. As well as providing support to licensees in using our internet services Laura is an experienced coach and trainer who is involved in both individual coaching for recruitment and development and in running our ACE certification programmes.