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ACE individual Survey and expanded report

A deceptively powerful survey and report on how to make the most of your strengths and manage potential weaknesses to make you a more effective communicator

ACE Products

New! ACE Individual Survey, User Guide and Report

With updated presentation and completely revised User Guide

New! Another Person Survey, Powerful Influencing Guide, Report

Work out how to deal with someone you don’t get on with as well as you would like. This survey and report gives you practical insights into how to communicate more effectively with this person and the self-help user guide gives practical insights into how to improve your communications with people you find challenging to deal with.

New! ACE Managing Priorities Survey, Self-Help User Guide, Report

Understand how you use time and what is important to you. Blend best practice in time management with what is important to you. Manage routine, urgent and important priorities to make the most of your day. The self-help user guide enables you to make the best use of your time in line with what are your priorities.

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